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Inventory Management Systems  are professionals in the Inventory service arena. The culture inside our company is one of trust and integrity as we have come to know through working with our clients, your assets, be it business or personal are a result of your lifes work.

From our first contact with you as a management system, we provide our clients with peace of mind and a professional service of which has become invaluable to people with the many unknowns we face in todays world.

The peace of mind this service provides is invaluable,  both in your business world, and your personal world. I M S professionals look forward to working with you.


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The devestating storm that wiped out our neighbourhood, left us all feeling hopeless. The knowledge of knowing I had this system in place made the recovery  process so easy and swift. I am very grateful for the IMS service.

Many thanks to the team




Physical Address @ 333, E, Amado Road, Suite 1212, Palm Springs, C.A, 92263. Ph-760-422-3514.

Why Choose IMS?


Inventory Management Systems is the Industry answer to all your what if? questions. IMS will take care of any worries both business and personal. You're peace of mind is our business. Let us be your safety net.



Inventory Management Systems operates with a business culture of trust and integrity for your personal and business assets. Documentation and safe storage is paramount to ensure your peace of mind. Our people care about your peace of mind in case of loss.


Inventory Management Systems cares about the lifestyle you live. Peace of mind will be your blessing, knowing all of your business and personal assets are recorded and safely stored inside a professional system. We care about you.


Inventory Management Systems Is a leader in the Industry, with a professional attitude and respect for your assets, both personal and business. IMS will take care of all specific details to meet any needs you may have.

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