Our Process

The very first step is up to you. Simply pick up the phone and talk with us about your needs for either a home inventory, business inventory or both. Our staff here at Inventory Management Systems are professionals that absolutely know their job.

Contents in your home that are used for personal use are considered personal property items. These items include furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork & electronics. Personal items can be in the family home, the vacation home; storage etc. IMS will go to each personal or business property location. Most contents are insured under a standard insurance policy. Personal items that are unique such as collectables may fall under a different section of your insurance policy; this is good to have checked out so you know in case of any emergency

Business assets normally follow their own insurance policies depending on many factors. Today’s world presents us with evidence for the need of home and business inventories. Please feel free to pick up the phone and talk with us. Completing an inventory gives you a peace of mind in knowing that you have an accurate inventory for insurance purposes.

I have a complete report of the possessions in my home and business. If I should ever have to file a report for a theft or damage due to a natural disaster, I have the report to fall back in. I’m glad that I had IMS come into my home and business to accomplish this for me.


Why Choose IMS?


Inventory Management Systems is the Industry answer to all your what if? questions. IMS will take care of any worries both business and personal. You're peace of mind is our business. Let us be your safety net.



Inventory Management Systems operates with a business culture of trust and integrity for your personal and business assets. Documentation and safe storage is paramount to ensure your peace of mind. Our people care about your peace of mind in case of loss.


Inventory Management Systems cares about the lifestyle you live. Peace of mind will be your blessing, knowing all of your business and personal assets are recorded and safely stored inside a professional system. We care about you.


Inventory Management Systems Is a leader in the Industry, with a professional attitude and respect for your assets, both personal and business. IMS will take care of all specific details to meet any needs you may have.

Are You Prepared?

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