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A key function of inventory management is keeping a detailed record of each current and new household, personal and business asset. One of the most commonly known purposes for a certified inventory is disaster preparedness and recovery.

Fire, theft, or natural disaster – just one unexpected catastrophe – can take away your belongings in just seconds.  Once they are lost or damaged, the insurance company or police will ask for detailed descriptions and often require pictures as proof of ownership descriptions and often require pictures as proof of ownership.

We have created a process that serves the many life events that require or benefit from a contents or asset inventory.  An itemized written report including detailed descriptions alongside manufacturer, model, serial number and any other details necessary. Digital photos can include full room and close up photos of any specific items.
Exterior photos & video will also be included providing a detailed profile of what your home or business was at the time of report. Not long after the onsite process, you will receive a documented report, either printed or in electronic form with your inventory, photo’s and any video.

Records Retention and Backup
If for any reason your files are lost, damaged or stolen, we have a back up service to provide you with a complete copy of your report. This service can retain copies of your inventory files free for the first year, then a fee for every year thereafter.  If for any reason disaster strikes and you require a copy of your files, one will be delivered directly to you within 48 hours, including 2nd or 3rd copies for insurance or police, or any agency that may require proof of ownership.

With all of the events unfolding on our planet today  I was worried.
The service this company provides allowed me the time, and peace of mind to go about my life, knowing I have things in order in the case of any event.

This service proves much more than we realize, thank you IMS for my peace of mind.

Regards and gratitude.



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Inventory Management Systems is the Industry answer to all your what if? questions. IMS will take care of any worries both business and personal. You're peace of mind is our business. Let us be your safety net.



Inventory Management Systems operates with a business culture of trust and integrity for your personal and business assets. Documentation and safe storage is paramount to ensure your peace of mind. Our people care about your peace of mind in case of loss.


Inventory Management Systems cares about the lifestyle you live. Peace of mind will be your blessing, knowing all of your business and personal assets are recorded and safely stored inside a professional system. We care about you.


Inventory Management Systems Is a leader in the Industry, with a professional attitude and respect for your assets, both personal and business. IMS will take care of all specific details to meet any needs you may have.

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