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Inventory Management Systems is a leading company providing an independent personal asset and business documentation service.
We are all running a home, a business or both; our time is valuable to us.
Life in our ever-changing world moves at a fast pace and keeping a log of all assets in case of unforeseen circumstances can feel like a daunting task.

You could take a pen and paper and log all your own assets, or using the latest technology, keep up to date with both your business and personal assets. This is where our service can fit into your safety net.

Our company provides and signs a “Confidentiality Guarantee” before we begin your inventory. Trust and Integrity as your inventory service is one of our company’s highest values. IMS is licensed and bonded in the State of California.

Years of experience in this industry with many satisfied clients shows us we are meeting the needs of our clients in providing the documents and specific descriptive logs of assets required. Our professional service can create your report, including photos & video, while you are spending your valuable time with family, friends, or engaging in your favorite sport or hobby

The IMS process was developed with assistance from accountants, attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, and insurance adjusters. Industry professionals’ work closely with us to make sure your life’s work from home, business, or both, is fully documented to meet the needs of the industry giving you peace of mind.


Inventory Management Systems came in and provided my company with superior service when it comes to the inventory of our assets. They took their time ensuring that all items were listed correctly and then provided us with a professional report. The report included a DVD with all videos taken and all the photos. Between our insurance and our accountant, we can’t figure out who is happier because of the accurate asset inventory.



Thank you I.M.S.

Why Choose IMS?


Inventory Management Systems is the Industry answer to all your what if? questions. IMS will take care of any worries both business and personal. You're peace of mind is our business. Let us be your safety net.



Inventory Management Systems operates with a business culture of trust and integrity for your personal and business assets. Documentation and safe storage is paramount to ensure your peace of mind. Our people care about your peace of mind in case of loss.


Inventory Management Systems cares about the lifestyle you live. Peace of mind will be your blessing, knowing all of your business and personal assets are recorded and safely stored inside a professional system. We care about you.


Inventory Management Systems Is a leader in the Industry, with a professional attitude and respect for your assets, both personal and business. IMS will take care of all specific details to meet any needs you may have.

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